Top Equipment, Top Quality

As a manufacturer of cosmetics, especially a sheet mask pro, we cooperate with over 60% of Taiwanese sheet mask brands. Being the leader of the industry,  we guarantee you the highest quality by passing all the essential certifications while using only top-level manufacturing equipments.

State-of-the-Art Equipments

  • PLC emulsification machine
  • Homogenizer
  • Automated sheet mask filling machine
  • Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer
  • High speed granulator
  • Nano-tech grinder
  • Foundation pressed compact machine
  • Automatic lipstick filling machine

Strict Quality Control

With accurate control of indoor temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure and dust particles,
the cosmetics products of highest quality may be manufactured.

Clean Room Suit

Sanitation & Air Shower

Global Patents

Our global patents is leading the innovation,
special patents such as clay sheet mask,
gel mask help you build your own unique product.

Trusted by Global Certifications