28 Products & Factory Passed MUI HALAL CERTIFICATION

28 Products & Factory Passed MUI HALAL CERTIFICATION2019-03-21T13:57:43+08:00

Project Description

Halal Certificate MUI Halal certificate is an official statement from the Indonesian Ulama Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia)

MUI stated that the products are in accordance with the Islamic Syariat. MUI Halal Certificate is a requirement for obtaining halal labeling on the packaging of the product from government authorities. MUI Halal certification for food products, medicines, cosmetics and other products made to assure the halal status, so as to reassure consumers in the inner consume. Continuity of halal production process is guaranteed by the manufacturer, by applying the Halal Assurance System.


Do All Effort to Implement Halal Assurance System & worked on the strict examination for a year

Traceability Company must have a written procedure to ensure the certified products are originated from approved materials and made in facilities that fulfill the criteria of halal production facilities.

1. Follow Up Halal Policy

2. Halal Management Team

3. Training and Education For All Factory’s Staffs

4. Materials should be Halal Certified

5. Products Brand or names must be registered for halal certification

6. Production Facilities Should be Halal Certified

7. Written Procedure for Critical Activities

8. Internal Audit

9. Management Review

 Top management must review the effectiveness of Halal Assurance System implementation once in a year, or more often if necessary. The results of the evaluation must be delivered to the parties who are responsible for each activity.


O & P Biotech’s Factory already got HALAL CERTIFICATION, so we can help clients create and develop your unique HALAL Sheet Mask, Skin Care Products, which will give you the total solution and easy to enter Muslim markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. 

MUI Halal Certificate No. 00150092981218 which is valid up to December 26, 2020.

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