5 Disadvantage Of Traditional Bottle Clay/Mud Mask

5 Disadvantage Of Traditional Bottle Clay/Mud Mask2019-06-24T09:27:22+08:00

Project Description

Natural Clay & Mud Mask is always the best choice for deep cleansing, purifying & conditioning

Since we get UV tanning, air pollution every day, which is easy to get the wrinkle, fine line, and also ance, oily skin. We will need to purifying and conditioning in order to get glowing skin and refreshing!! In the past decade, the traditional bottle clay & mud mask is the first choice to help us, because of the natural mud such as Glacial mud or Mediterranean mud are rich in mineral, which will make skin balancing and deep cleansing. 

BUT, there have five NG things for bottle clay

1. Wasting time and hard to smear evenly on face

2. Difficult to wash 

3. Dry, Tight & Itchy

4. Hard to save, easy to dry & get pollution after opening

5. To heavy to carry for traveling

O & P Multi Clay Sheet Mask Give You the Better Choice

  1. Strong cleaning, purifying

  2. Adds serum in order to help the skin keep hydrated, wouldn’t feel dry after usage

  3. Fewer residues, easy to go on your next skin care routine

  4. Per-time use, low risk of pollution

  5. Easy to carry, use anywhere and anytime