Edible & Natural Lip Balm You Can Eat Them

Edible & Natural Lip Balm You Can Eat Them2019-03-21T14:27:23+08:00

Project Description

Natural Lip Balm Advanced Therapy is the ultimate moisturizing treatment for your lips and lip contour area.

This revolutionary product helps to nourish and improve the definition on and around the lips while visibly smoothing fine lines for fuller, younger-looking lips.

Coconut Oil: Keeps lips hydrated all day long and protects against chapping, cracking and environmental damage from the sun or wind.

Organic Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract: Highly soothing and moisturizing abilty. Perfect for sensitive and irritated skin.

Shea Butter Oil: Rich in natural vitamins, it helps protect the skin’s natural oils and makes incredibly nourishing for the skin.

vitamins E: Nourish the skin, improve moisturizing ability to create a barrier to protect the skin, even skin tone and brighten the complexion.


Super Moisturizing After Using Lip Balm

-Feel your lips were more supple and immediately moisturized and protected

-Decrease roughness

-Lips and lip contour area will immediately be nourished and soothed

-Lips look immediately firmer and more toned