Private Label/OEM Slippery Aromatherapy Sheet Mask

Private Label/OEM Slippery Aromatherapy Sheet Mask2019-06-24T09:26:12+08:00

Project Description

Slippery Aromatherapy Sheet Mask Gives Your Face A SPA Treatment

Slippery and ultra soft sheet material to Reveal Your Skin’s Natural Radiance

  1. With 800 Threads of Micro-Fiber and smooth as like Silk, which is similar to your dermal tissue.
  2.  Comfortable fit your face, and not easy to move or slide.
  3. Light Essence and High Penetration, which can accelerate pore expansion

Combines natural extracts and essential oils, the mask gives you to restore Skin’s Lost Hydration

This masks are designed for skin health, all our formulas are gentle on skin. With technologies that help absorption and mask sheets that provide better fit and adherence, it will have your skin re-energized and glowing. Benefits include progressively re-hydrates different layers of the skin while ensuring your skin’s aqua levels are balanced.

  1. Hydrates skin to keep it from drying.

  2. Locks in skin’s natural moisture.

  3. Improves skin’s own moisture protection.

  4. Rapidly provide skin with hydration.

  5. Provides a long-lasting hydrated feeling to the skin.