Worldwide unique long & continuous fiber sheet mask- Bemliese

Worldwide unique long & continuous fiber sheet mask- Bemliese2019-06-24T10:41:34+08:00

Project Description

1. What is Bemliese?

Bemliese is the world’s only cupro continuous-filament non-woven product. It features superior liquid absorbency, thermal stability, pick-up, and purity.
As Bemliese is made from biodegradable sheets of 100% cupro filaments, it’s also an eco-friendly sheet mask material for your own brand.

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2. Using 100% Cotton Liner

Bemliese only uses the fibers around the seeds that were previously unused. The original producGon process enables these fibers to be turned into material with higher funcGonality than regular coHon, it is ultra soI, with smooth texture, looks invisible and could fit to your face perfectly.

3. High liquid absorption and retention

The filament structure is designed to absorb liquid and be able to absorb and retain liquid 13-times greater than its own weight.

4. High level of adhesion

When Bemliese holds liquid, it gets very soft and clings tightly to the surface. It fits the skin perfectly along the facial contours, even after 15 minutes of using.

5. High Transparency

When Bemliese is wet, it becomes a highly transparent sheet mask due to the liquid that has permeated the filaments. It looks almost invisible when you use it.

6. High purity, Binder-free production

Bemliese is made without the use of adhesive agents. Self-bonding quality of filaments reduces dissolution of impurities and can be used for various solvents.

7. High Biodegradability, ECO-friendly

Bemliese undergoes biodegradation naturally when it is buried in the soil. Also, Bemliese is created through eco-friendly manufacturing, ECO-friendly standards such as Global Recycle Standard and ISO14001 are followed during the production. It was also produced with mostly renewable energy, which produces 0 pollutions.